Chartered Organization Representative

John Dobbins


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Position Description
The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) is the direct contact between the unit and the Chartered Organization. This individual is also the organization's contact with the District Committee and the Local Council. The chartered organization representative may become a member of the district committee and is a voting member of the council. If the chartered organization has more than one unit, one representative serves them all. The Chartered Organization Representative appoints the Unit Committee Chair.

- Be a member of the chartered organization.
- Serve as head of "Scouting department" in the organization.
- Secure a committee chair for each unit and encourage training.
- Maintain a close liaison with the committee chair's for each unit.
- Help recruit other adult leaders.
- Promote well-planned unit programs.
- Serve as a liaison between the units and the organization.
- Organize enough units.
- Promote the recruiting of new members.
- See that boys transition from unit to unit.
- Assist with unit rechartering.
- Encourage service to the organization.
- Encourage the unit committee to hold meetings.
- Cultivate organization leaders.
- Encourage outdoor program activities.
- Emphasize advancement and recognition.
- Utilize district help and promote the use of district personnel and materials.
- Use approved unit finance policies.
- Encourage recognition of leaders.
- Cultivate resources to support the organization.
- Represent the organization at the council level.
- Be an active and involved member of the district committee.
- Can multiple-register as a unit committee chair or unit committee member.