Fundraising Chair

Position is open

Position Description
The Unit Fundraising Chair, also called the "Popcorn Kernel" in some councils, is appointed by the committee chairman to supervise fundraising and ensure that every youth member has the opportunity to participate in Popcorn sales, other council fundraising events, or local in-troop fundraising activities.

- Aide with the unit's annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser.
- Make recommendations on fundraising activities to the Committee.
- Work with the leaders to provide fundraising training for youth and families.
- Help the Unit Committee and its leaders with Fundraising events.
- Provide sufficient fundraising opportunities so that boys can pay for their basic scouting expenses and have money in their individual scout accounts.
- Work with the Treasurer in conducting council-approved unit money-earning projects.
- All Fundraising activities and the profit allocation to the unit will be in compliance with BSA Policy.

All committee positions are filled by the Committee Chairman. If you believe you can fill this position, please get in touch with the Committee Chairman.