Web Admin

Josh Piatt


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Josh is a 220 scout. He joined the pack in 2001 as a cub, crossed into the troop in 2004, and earned his Eagle Scout in 2008. He currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster in the Boy Troop.
Outside of Scouting, he completed a Bachelor of Arts in History, with emphasis on US History, in December 2018. Hobbies include web programming, gaming, playing around thinking about practical application of String Theory (without the maths), and continuous learning. History wise, his emphasis specializes in the Early American Republic, from 1776 to 1820.

Position Description
The Web Admin maintains the unit websites to be valuable resources for their members. In troops and crews, they also work with the unit webmasters and youth webmasters to ensure content is safe, and appropriate for scouting.

- Ensure website is up and running 24/7.
- Make any and all payments on time for the domain and/or hosting.
- Work with youth webmasters to ensure they can manage the site effectively.
- Work with unit webmasters to expand content that's available.
- Provide a website to units within the charter when requested and required.
- Ensure the websites are a positive reflection of Scouting for the public.